Mail Forwarding Service (Local)

Applicable for Virtual Office (BIZ-PRO) Customers that reside in Singapore Only.

Applicable to both standard Size and Non-standard Size mails.

Standard Mail Conditions

  1. Mail items in standard envelope sizes: C4, C5, C6 and DL or specified Standard Mail sizes.
  2. Letter, printed paper or paper based items in a rectangle paper-based envelope.
  3. Postcards or mail items in card form, not exceeding 240mm (Length) x 162mm (Width) with paper quality of at least 230gsm.
  4. The envelopes should be sealed.
  5. Not smaller than 140mm (Length) x 90mm (Width) x 0.2mm(Thickness).
  6. Not larger than 324mm (Length) x 229mm (Width) x 14.0mm (Thickness).
  7. Mail items should be in white, cream, pastel or light colour.
  8. Pressure sealed and pagemail items


Non-Standard Mail Conditions

  1. Mail items not meeting the Standard Mail Conditions.
  2. Non - Standard Mail includes :
    • Mail items containing merchandise, plastic cards, bulky items, metal, hard, inflexible or sharp object e.g. audiotapes, CDs/VCDs/CD-Roms, etc. 
    • Odd shaped mail e.g. circular, triangular, in roll form, etc. 
    • Mail items in non-paper cover, e.g. plastic envelopes, pillow case envelope, etc. 
    • Mail set or mail with sprocket holes or computer printout. 
    • Mail items smaller than 140mm x 90mm x 0.2mm and lighter than 2g. 
    • Mail items in envelope form larger than 324mm x 229mm and thicker than 14.0mm. 
    • Mail items with watermark, dark intense colours, background design, patterning, embossing or security printing.
    • Mail items / boxes / packages must not exceed the maximum dimension of 190mm (Width) x 300mm (Depth) x 70mm (Height) and weighing not more than 2kg. 


Mail Forwarding Exclusion:

Please note that VirtualCorp Mail forwarding Services do not forward Non-standard Size Mails that meets the following condition.

  1. Weight exceed 500g
  2. Magazines & other sort Publication
  3. Advertisement Mails
postage surcharge applies for above.

Mail forwarding Frequency:

All Mails will be compile and forward to your mailing address on a weekly basis.

Overseas(outside of Singapore) mail address:

Postage Charges applies for all mail forwarding towards any non-singapore registered address. No handling fees are chargable by virtualcorp and stictly Postage fee only.

Please note: Even though the new Weekly mail forwarding comes into force, Existing customer have the option to choose between upgrading to the new package which are concession based mail forwarding or the old plan of $2.00 Handling fee per Forwarding(not per mail) + Postage Charge. VirtualCorp do not and will not force any customers to take up the new package.

Delivery of local mails via SINGPOST normally takes 1 to 3 working days (excluding Public Holidays and Weekends) if no delay at SINGPOST. The delivery time may take slightly longer during festive period. Virtualcorp will not be responsible for any lost or damaged mail due to normal postage. You can opt for registered postage to ensure a safer delivery. An additional $2.80 is to be added to the total price for registered postage. Registered postage is recommended as a tracking number is provided and mails can be track at SINGPOST website ( (Limited Tracking).

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